We take sound quality very seriously and are consequently not great fans of Skype being used to join teleconferences.

Whilst it can be great for a point to point call, it’s unpredictable sound quality can impact the whole conference call so we recommend it is only used as a last resort.

What number should I dial?

Dial to the Melbourne number.

How do I enter the PIN?

Skype like to keep their users on their toes by constantly changing the user interface.

Assuming that you know how to dial a telephone number, the challenge is how to enter the pin.



Once you have dialled into HotAir, press the + button



Click on “show dial pad”



Now you can enter your PIN


I can’t enter the PIN correctly

A common issue for Skype users is that the sound quality can be so poor that the tones used to tell the conferencing company the PIN are too distorted to be heard clearly.

WIth other conferencing companies you would at this point be disconnected.

With HotAir, if you can’t enter the PIN, you will be connected with an operator who will be able to help you into your meeting. Only HotAir provides this service.