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Which telephone number should I use?

Most of our clients invite their participants to join meetings using a 1800 number. This is the simplest number to distribute because it is a single number.

Calls to 1800 numbers are free from landlines (except hotels) and most Australian mobile phones.

We also provide numbers in the capital cities. Your bill from HotAir will be slightly lower because your callers are partially paying for the telephone call charges. Most clients only use these when all of their participants are in the capital cities and they use the service several times a day.

Calls from most mobile phones to 1800 numbers are now free for the caller.

Calls to 1800 numbers are free from mobile phones on the Telstra, Optus, Vodafone Red and Virgin networks. Calls using mobile phones on other networks are normally free as long as the phone is on a current contract (not an outdated/legacy contract).

If in doubt, check with your provider.

If you want to pay for your callers’ international phone charges, ask them to dial one of our in-country telephone numbers.

We have a combination of toll free and city numbers around the world. Sometimes both in the same country.

If you don’t want to pay for your callers’ international telephone charges, ask them to dial to Australia, to the number in the list called “country not listed”.

Calls made with an Australian mobile overseas (this is called roaming) are normally very expensive. If you will be making lots of calls, huge savings can be made by paying for a temporary special roaming plan. If you have paid for a special roaming plan you can dial the in-country telephone number or dial back to Australia. If you have not paid for a special roaming plan, it is normally cheapest to dial the in-country telephone number.

If there are two numbers listed in the country you are in, calling the city number (such as London) can be cheaper than calling the toll free number.

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