How do I start or stop a recording?

The call leader should slowly press  2 1 (star then two then one) on their telephone.

Everyone will hear an announcement confirming the meeting is being recorded.

Does everyone know the meeting is being recorded?

Yes and if someone joins the meeting late, they will hear the announcement telling them that the conference call is being recorded.

Can I pause recording?

Yes, you can start/stop recording as many times in the meeting as you like by pressing  2 1.

When you receive the download email, if you have paused/restarted the recording, you will see that each section of your meeting is broken into a different MP3 file.

Do I need to stop recording at the end of the teleconference?

We recommend that at the end of the meeting, you either end the recording by pressing  2 1 or end the meeting and disconnect all lines by pressing # #

How do I receive the recording?

An email containing a download link is emailed 10-15 minutes after the last line disconnects from the meeting.

This email can go to one or more people that you have nominated in your account. The default destination is the call leader’s email address.

How do I share the recording?

Either forward the email from us to the people you would like to have the recording or cut and paste the download link into your own email.

How long is the recording kept?

We keep the recording for 60 days so that you have plenty of time to download it.

How can I edit the recording?

You can use free software called Audacity (available for PC or Mac) to edit your teleconference recording.

The recording email has not arrived yet

Have you checked your spam folder?

The email should be through 10-15 minutes after the last line has disconnected from the meeting.

If there are still lines in the meeting it will still be recording. You can confirm their are no other lines in the meeting by joining the conference call as the moderator/call leader. The system should announce that you are the first caller. If it does not, it could be because someone has not disconnected their line.

You can disconnect all lines by pressing # #

If the email has still not arrived send us an email or call us on 1800 157 313.