Talk to HotAir

A standard conference room can have up to 30 lines.

If you think you need more, please talk to us before sending out the invitations to the teleconference: 1800 157 313.


Start or stop recording by pressing  2 1

Everything after this is recorded.


Background noise

If you have up to 20-30 lines or more you can ask people to mute their phones when not talking.

If their phone does not have a mute button, they can mute/unmute their lines by pressing  6

I need more control

You can forcibly mute all lines by pressing  5

There will now be no background noise.

Your participants cannot unmute themselves.

If you would like the participants to be able to talk such as for a question and answer session, you should press  4

You should now tell your participants that if they have a question/want to talk they should press  6

Too many beeps

When your participants join or leave the meeting the system will beep. If you have a large number of lines in your meeting this can be distracting.

Ask us to turn these off via email or telephone (1800 157 313 / +61 3 9545 4700).

Meeting reports

Your account can be set to email a report when the meeting ends showing all the lines that were in your meeting. This is free.

Ask us to turn these on via email or telephone (1800 157 313 / +61 3 9545 4700).

Ending the meeting

At the end of the meeting we recommend you disconnect all lines by pressing  # #