My organisation has an account but I have never used it before

Your account allows you to have a meeting whenever you like without making a booking.

To hold a meeting, your participants dial a phone number and enter a PIN. It’s that easy!

The email we sent to your colleague shows the telephone numbers and PINs. They are always the same. If you don’t have the original welcome email from us, send us an email or call 1800 157 313 / +613 9545 4700 and we will resend it.

You have a different PIN to everyone else (the participants), this prevents them using your account when you are not around. We call you the call leader or moderator.

If your participants dial in to the meeting before you, they will hear music. When you join (using your call leader/moderator code) the music is removed so that everyone can talk.

You can also record the meeting and download the recording a few minutes after the meeting ends. This is free.

Help during the meeting

You can request help during a meeting by pressing  0 on your telephone keypad.

International participants

If some of the people in your meeting will be outside Australia they can still join the meeting. We have over forty international telephone numbers.

Telephone numbers for joining a meeting

List of telephone numbers and information on which to use