Gmail users sometimes have issues receiving our system generated emails such as invoices.

This is because we send these emails in high volumes and Google Mail thinks they must be spam.

They are moved into your spam folder before they even reach your computer hence you typically won’t see them in your spam folder.

Fortunately, it is easy to make our emails as “not spam”.

This needs to be done though Gmail’s web interface so you will need to log on to your account through a browser. This is the software/application you use to get to the internet and will be called one of the following: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge or Internet Explorer.

Log into your account

Click on the spam folder.

If this is not visible, click on MORE to see the hidden folders.

Click on the spam folder

1. Search for emails from HotAir that have been marked as spam by typing HotAir into the searchbox.

Your search should be written as:
in:spam HotAir
as shown in the screenshot.

2. When the HotAir emails are displayed, click on the “select box” next to each HotAir email.

3. Click on NOT SPAM

You should now be able to receive emails from HotAir.