1 Click to join a meeting

It’s easy to join a conference call from a mobile phone with just one click!

All you need to do is combine your telephone number and PIN and save this in your address book or meeting invitation.

Your number should look like this:



There should be no spaces and two commas separating the telephone number from the PIN.

Joining a conference call

Now you can join a meeting by simply clicking on the telephone number link.

If you need detailed instructions scroll down.

Full list of telephone numbers for joining a teleconference

frog on a conference call

Using your contact list/address book

In Outlook, create a new contact and give it a meaningful name such as “Weekly sales meeting”.

Enter the conference call telephone number and PIN with no spaces into the telephone number field as shown above.

Outlook may change your formatting (as shown below) but as long as this was entered with no spaces it will work correctly.

Create a contact and in the telephone number field add your telephone number, comma, comma and then PIN.

To enter the commas (pauses) click on the button showing +*# as shown below.

You will now see a button called pause.

You will need to add two pauses/commas.


Select the contact, and click on the telephone number (highlighted in yellow).

This will dial you straight into the conference call.

Using Outlook

Create a new calendar entry or open an existing one.

In the location field, enter your dial string as shown below:

Select the meeting in the calendar on your phone.

Click on the telephone number under the title (highlighted in yellow).


Now click on dial


conference call entering the pin


This also works for international calls.

For instance a caller in the USA might use: 18442919192,,,123456789#

In this example, there is an additional comma to add a bit more delay between dialling the phone number and the PIN.

The first time you try this, listen to the phone dialling so that you can be sure it is not entering the PIN before it connects to the HotAir system. If this is happening add an extra comma.

Telephone numbers for joining a conference call


Ensure that there are no spaces in the telephone number.

Ensure that there are no spaces in your PIN or between the telephone number, the commas and the PIN.

It should look like this: 1800151624,,123456789#

  1. Dial the telephone number and PIN manually to confirm that both work correctly
  2. Listen as it dials to confirm that the PIN is not being entered until after you hear the welcome greeting.
    • Confirm that it is making tones for the correct number of tones. For instance, if your PIN were six digits you hear the telephone number being dialled, the system answering and then six tones.
  3. If you are calling from a noisy location like an airport or car, try muting your phone before the PIN is entered.

Ensure that the PIN is not being entered before you are answered by the system. You can test this by listening as it dials. It should not start entering the PIN until a few seconds after you hear the system say hello.

As a workaround, you can also get your phone to automatically enter the PIN twice.  This would look like this:



This means if the system does not hear the first PIN it will have another go.