Entering a Teleconference PIN Automatically

Entering a Teleconference PIN Automatically

Mobile phones can join a meeting using a stored PIN.

This makes joining a meeting much easier.

All you need to do is create a string of numbers and enter it into your address book or the invitations to the meeting.

Your number should look like this:



There should be no spaces and three commas.

When you dial the phone number from your address book, after six to eight seconds it will dial the PIN.

This works on iPhones, Androids and Blackberrys.

Frog watching a conference PIN automatically being entered



Ensure that there are no spaces in the telephone number.

You can type the number as 1800151624 or a more easily read

Ensure there are no spaces between the telephone number and the PIN.

If you are using a semicolon, you will need to intitiate dialling the PIN by pressing a button.

  1. Dial the telephone number and PIN manually to confirm it works
  2. Listen as it dials to confirm that the PIN is not being entered until after you hear the welcome greeting.
  3. If you are calling from a noisy location like an airport or car, try muting your phone before the PIN is entered.

Ensure that the PIN is not being entered before you are answered by the system.

When you create the dial string add the PIN a second time like this:



This means if the system does not hear the first PIN it will have another go.

Meeting invitations

Yes, when creating a conference call invitation in Outlook, include the telephone number and PIN in the “Location” field.

This should work with iPhones and Android phones but our experimentation showed that it did not work as reliably with Android based phones.

This is what the invitation looks like on an iPhone.


To join the conference call, click on the telephone number highlighted in the green box.