If you are putting your teleconference recording onto your website or sending it to clients it needs to sound good. Occasionally you will want to make improvements.

If you are a confident PC user you can do it yourself by following the instructions below.

Editing software

You will need some audio editing software. An excellent free program called Audacity is available at Download.com or here.

You should also download and install the MP3 plug in.

Removing sections of your conference recording

Open your recording in Audacity

Highlight the area you want to remove by clicking at the start of it and releasing the mouse button at the end of the section. If you press the spacebar it will play the section you are about to delete.

Press the DELETE button on your keyboard.

Confirm the correct section has been deleted and then save/export the file.

editing a conference call recording Select-Audio

Some people are too loud and others too quiet

HotAir’s teleconferencing system will try to make all lines the same volume. However if a line is really quiet the system will not be able to increase it’s volume without impairing the sound quality of the other lines.

There are things you can do to improve things using a software plug-in called a compressor. This reduces the loud sound to the same volume as the quiet sounds, hence the name.

  • Before you do anything with your recording make a back up copy.
  • Open your teleconference recording in Audacity.
  • Set the vertical scale to DB as shown by the two images on the right.
editing a conference call recording Change-to-DB-1
editing a conference call recording Change-to-DB-2

Looking at our demonstration recording (shown right) you will see the difference in volume of the people in the meeting.

You can see that the loud person is at around -15db but the quiet person is at -28 db.

Select all of your recording by clicking on it and then pressing Ctrl A.

On the menu bar at the top, select effects and in the drop down menu, compressor. You will see a window similar to that shown right.

editing a conference call recording Loud-and-quiet

To make the volume the same we will reduce the volume of the loud person. We know the quiet person’s volume is around -28db, so set the Threshold to -28db.

We also need to set how much we will reduce the volume. In this example a ratio of 9:1 worked well.

Click on OK to hear the new version of your recording.

If it sound good, save it. If you think you can do better press Ctrl Z to have another go.

Every recording is different so you will need to experiment with the settings.

editing a conference call recording Compressor

Saving the edited file

To save the file in a usable format you must export it.

Press: Control+Shift+E

Name the file and select what you want to save it as. Most people use MP3.

Click on Save.