Services built for frequent users

Many of our customers hold multiple meetings a day or have many users within their account.

To better serve these organisations, we have built services to move the effort of managing the users from you to us:

  • Simultaneous meetings
    • (as many as you need, at no cost)
  • Multiple users
    • (as many as you need, at no cost
  • Multiple points of contact for the account

Managing your account

  • Use the portal to add or edit users and their conference rooms or
  • Send us an email – most requests are fulfilled within 1-2 hours
  • If you need to talk something through, call or email us and you will be assisted by one of our small team of experts that know conferencing inside out.

Itemised invoices

Making it easier to allocate costs to projects and cost centres, our itemised invoices show the total costs for:

  • A department
  • Each user
  • Each conference room
  • A conference call

The cost and details for each line in a meeting and:

  • What number they dialled
  • What number they are calling from (unless this is hidden from us)
  • When the line joined
  • When it disconnected
  • The cost for that line.

Invoices can be emailed to multiple recipients.

Slow payment

Some of our customers are organisations with slow and complex payment processes.

We prefer to be paid on time (of course), but have the flexibility to work with you on timing.