• Telephone conference call service
  • Record your conference calls
  • International teleconferencing experts
  • Email summary after every meeting
  • Online account management
  • Easy to read itemised billing

Easy to Use teleconferencing

Hold conference calls at any time of day or night without making a reservation.

How do people join conference calls?

1. Dial a telephone number
2. Enter a PIN
3. Start talking

How do I know when people join/leave the meeting?

• A rising tone tells you someone has joined.
• A falling tone tells you someone has left.

How many lines can I have in my teleconference?

30 lines – let us know if you think you may need more.

Use the sames details for every meeting

Your telephone numbers and PINs are always the same making the service easier to use.

conference call entering the pin

Controlling the conference call

You have a different PIN to your participants.

As the call leader you can:

1. Mute / unmute everyone else – this is an easy way to remove background noise in larger meetings.

2. Start/stop recording the meeting – this can also be automated.

3. Play an announcement stating how many lines are in the meeting.

4. Disconnect the last line to join.

5. Disconnect all lines.

Participants may mute their own line or request assistance.

Full list of conference commands

Can I pay for my callers’ telephone charges?


Yes – most of our clients in Australia ask their participants to dial our 1800 number. Calls to this are free for landlines and most mobile phones.


Yes – we have telephone numbers in over 40 countries so that your callers don’t have to pay for an international call.

I don’t want to pay for my callers’ telephone charges

Ask your callers to dial direct to our system in Melbourne.

Create a free account and start meeting in minutes


You can record your conference calls and download the recording 10 minutes after it is over.

Free recording means you don’t have to think about it.

The call leader can start/stop recording at any time or we can set the service to automatically record every meeting. Please let us know in advance if you would like this turned on.

Read more about recording your teleconference.