The only conference call service in Australia
with a guarantee

The cost of the people attending your teleconference is far higher than the cost of the meeting itself. That’s why our focus is on ensuring our systems never fail and have crystal clear sound quality 100% of the time.
HotAir is the only Australian teleconferencing company to offer a meeting guarantee, and we always have!

If your meeting does not go ahead or is compromised because of something controlled by us there is no charge for that meeting. That’s how confident we are!


Our meeting guarantee assumes that:

  • You let us help you by pressing star zero to request assistance. All callers will be reminded how to request assistance as they join their meeting(s). The operator is able to resolve most issues.
  • Tell us by phone or email within two working days about your issue, if you have been billed we will be happy to remove charges.

Sound quality

Sound quality can be affected by mobile phone users or VoIP services such as Skype. Unwanted noise can be eliminated by requesting help from us. HotAir can then determine which line has poor sound quality and assist with the caller reconnecting.
HotAir reserves the right to change the conditions of the meeting guarantee at any time.

Frog relaxed using HotAir Conferencing's conference call service the best in Australia

If you would like to know more please call on 1800 157 313. We won’t make you wait on hold and tell you how important you are, we promise!