Easy to use telephone meetings

Guaranteed to work every time

Over 7,500 happy Australian customers

The Australian Conference Call Service

Easy to use telephone meetings

Join a conference call from any telephone.

Use the same telephone numbers and PINs every time.

Clients, staff and suppliers can join your meetings without needing to install software or apps.

Callers on mobile phones can join a meeting with 1 click.

Many services expect users to install apps and plugins and know when it is safe to ignore the scary security warnings that pop-up.

With HotAir, it’s simple, dial a telephone number, enter a PIN, that’s it.

No concerns about internet speed or system compatibility.

No need to teach colleagues how to use the service, we all know how to use a telephone.

Consistently good sound quality

Successful meetings need good sound quality, if people can’t hear what’s being said they can’t contribute.

We use real telephone lines not the internet because it is the only way to guarantee the sound quality will always be good. It costs a bit more, but is cheaper than a failed meeting.


  • Instant setup

  • Cancel at any time

  • Pay as you go – no contract

Guaranteed to work every time

HotAir is the only conference call company in Australia with a meeting quality guarantee.

If your meeting does not go ahead or is compromised because of something controlled by us, there is no charge for that meeting.

This is a bulletproof service that won’t let you down.

Frog relaxed using HotAir Conferencing's conference call service the best in Australia

Record your conference calls

Recording a conference call is free and you can download the recording as an MP3 minutes later.

You can also automate recording all conference calls.

Reliable international meetings

It’s easy for your international folk to join meetings with more international numbers than any other Australian conferencing company.

International telephone numbers can be unreliable, so we test them constantly, most conferencing companies don’t because it’s expensive.

This constant testing means you can be confident our overseas numbers will always work.

How much will a failed meeting cost your credibility?

Global conference call service

About HotAir Conferencing

HotAir is a Melbourne based company established in 2005.

Before HotAir, our founders started the first teleconferencing companies in Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan.

If you need to talk to to us about that important meeting where nothing can go wrong, you’ll be delighted to learn:

  • Unlike many conferencing companies, our telephone number is prominently displayed so we are easy to talk to. We don’t hide behind FAQs and email only support.
  • There is no telephone queuing system telling you how important you are.
  • You will be connected to an Australian that knows conferencing inside out.

We try to be different

Having managed conference call companies for global organisations, we knew when we started HotAir we’d be different, and we are.

The owners of HotAir Conferencing talk to customers everyday, so if there is an issue, we learn about it quickly.

We try to be that rarest of things, the supplier that’s easy and pleasurable to work with. Perhaps that’s why most of our customers have been using HotAir more than 3 years,

Over 7,500 Happy Australian Clients

How am I charged for a conference call?

There are no hidden charges and no monthly fees, you only pay for what you use.

Meetings are charged per line per second (most conference call services round up to the next minute).

The more lines connected, or the longer the meeting, the more it will cost.

You can pay by EFT, credit card (no additional charges) or cheque.

Invoices show every line in every conference call; the time they connected, the duration of the connection and the cost.

If you have multiple users, all costs on the invoice are summarised separately making it easier to charge the correct cost centre

Ask them to dial one of our toll free numbers such as the Australian 1800 number.

When you create an account, we’ll send you a list of telephone numbers.

Most callers in Australia dial our 1800 number, this means your callers can join the meeting free (you will be paying their telephone call costs). This is the most popular way of joining a conference call.

We also have telephone numbers in over 42 countries so that your overseas participants can join your conference call without paying international call charges.

Invoices are emailed at the start of the next month.

If you have not used the service there is no invoice.

Read more about payment and invoices

We won’t disconnect you!

Being a business to business service, if you accidentally miss a payment, or your credit card was declined – we won’t cut you off straight away, we’ll make multiple attempts to contact you first.

Free conference calls

There are companies that offer “free” conference call services, but of course when something looks too good to be true, it normally is.

These services are not free for most users and there there are questions over reliability.

A new customer costs a conferencing company $50-$100 (in marketing costs) before they even use the service.

These companies need to impose limitations that force most of their customers to use the paid version.

However, this paid “premium” version is still using the same network and systems that are cheap enough to give away free.

If you don’t like apologising . . .

HotAir is different, our focus is on delivering a bulletproof service that won’t let you down.

We never compromise on quality, because sooner or later cutting corners will impact someone’s meeting.

This comes at a cost, but to most organisations, it is better and cheaper to have reliable, productive meetings than save the price of a few coffees using a free service.

With a conference call, it only takes one bad line to ruin a meeting.

How much will a failed meeting cost in the attendees time, and your credibility?

Getting started

Create your conference call account and you could be holding your first meeting within 5 minutes (24/7).

Further information:

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RExlaxing after setting up a con call with the best conferencing company in Australia


  • Instant setup

  • Cancel at any time

  • Pay as you go – no contract

Frequent users of conference calls

Features for larger users:

  • Simultaneous teleconferences
  • Multiple users
  • Invoices showing subtotals against users / cost centres
  • Add / update users through a portal

Read more about simultaneous meetings and services for larger users.