There are companies offering seemingly free teleconferencing services but things are not as they seem.

Why do they do it?

It’s a marketing ploy, they actually need to convert most users to the paid service to stay in business.

How can they afford to do it?

Keeping the overheads as low as possible by cutting corners.

If someone was looking for a free service, they can’t complain if it does not always work.

It’s expensive to be in conferencing?

Acquiring a new customer through Google ads in Australia will cost $50-$100.

A modest conferencing company will have overheads of millions a year

Users need to upgrade to the paid service

Intentional limitations on the service (see below) force customers to upgrade to the paid service.

  • A maximum meeting length of 40 minutes – when an average meeting is an hour or more.
  • Intentionally providing a telephone number the other end of the country.
  • Not providing an Australian 1800 number when this is how most people prefer to join meetings.

Using distraction techniques, users are offered exciting sounding things they don’t need like 100 people in a meeting.

Reliability questions

This might all be viewed as clever marketing until you realise the paid service is running on the same network and systems they can afford to give away free.

How reliable can this service be?

If you don’t like apologising . . .

HotAir is different, our focus is on delivering a bulletproof service that won’t let you down.

We never compromise on quality, because sooner or later cutting corners will impact someone’s meeting.

This comes at a cost, but to most organisations, it is better and cheaper to have reliable, productive meetings than save the price of a few coffees using a free service.

With a conference call, it only takes one bad line to ruin a meeting.

The best teleconference service in Australia using the latest technology