Teleconferencing is the only thing we do

Teleconferencing is all we do so we need to be good!

Our management team has been doing this since the nineties and so we like to think we know a bit about teleconferencing.

Our goal is to be a company our clients like working with, and provide an incredibly reliable service at a sensible price.

There are plenty of ultra-low priced providers whose services levels reflect that.

We don’t like apologising when things go wrong, so we work very hard to ensure they never do.


Having been in the teleconferencing industry an embarrassingly long time we know that cutting corners will only ever cause headaches for our customers and us too.

Our systems were chosen because they provide the highest reliability and best sound quality. They are also used by the world’s largest service providers.


Before we get technical . . . if you are reading this page, it’s because it is very important to you that the service is reliable, well it is!

We believe we have the highest level of real-time redundancy in the Australian teleconferencing industry. In plain English, in the unlikely event we have an issue, you are unlikely to ever know.

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HotAir Conferencing is an Australian owned and operated company.

Since 2005

HotAir has been providing teleconferencing services since 2005.

Redback Connect

HotAir Conferencing is part of Redback Connect