Easy to use telephone meetings

Guaranteed to work every time

Over 7,500 happy Australian customers

Easy to use

Join a meeting from any telephone.

No training or user-guides; dial the number and enter a PIN.

No reservations required, re-use the same details for every meeting.

Used by government and corporations through to the smallest associations.

Easy to roll-out

Give each staff member a telephone number and two PINS and they can meet whenever they like.

No technical challenges

Regular phone lines ensure no issues with internet speed, software installation or firewall issues.

Managing multiple users

If you have multiple users, we recommend giving them all their own meeting facility (conference room) instead of sharing one.

There’s no charge, and you can hold simultaneous meetings, track costs and don’t need to run an internal booking system.

Our portal was built specifically for customers with multiple users and allows you to add/edit users and conference rooms.


  • Your conference call stays in Australia.
  • Real telephone lines not the internet.
  • HotAir is 100% Australian owned and operated.
  • Your data stays in Australia.

Great sound quality – every time

Using business grade phone lines, the quality will always be good.

Detailed invoices

Invoices show detail for every meeting and are hierarchical so you can see the total for a department, user and conference room.

teleconferencing service using a telephone in Australia HotAir Frog

Using the service

Joining a meeting

Everyone dials one of our phone numbers and enters a PIN.

How many people can be in the meeting?

A standard conference room allows a total of 30 telephone lines in a meeting. If you think you may need more, let us know.


Recording a meeting and downloading or sharing it as an MP3 is free.

Guaranteed to work every time

HotAir is the only conference call company in Australia with a meeting quality guarantee.

If your meeting does not go ahead or is compromised because of something controlled by us, there is no charge for that meeting.

This is a bulletproof service that won’t let you down.

Reliable international meetings

It’s easy for your international folk to join meetings with a huge number of international numbers they can call.

About HotAir Conferencing

HotAir is a Melbourne based company established in 2005.

Before HotAir, our founders started the first teleconferencing companies in Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan.

All HotAir staff are based in Australia

Frog relaxing after a conference call

Over 7,500 Happy Australian Clients

Special prices during the crisis

Meet from $0.07 per line per minute + GST by dialling of one our capital city numbers

A five meeting lasting for 15 minutes would cost $5.25 ($5.78 including GST)

The special rates will continue for six months after the official end of the crisis.

Staff telephone call costs

If you don’t want your staff to pay for the call charges they should dial the 1800 number.
This will cost you $0.12 per line per minute + GST.

Example: a five line meeting lasting for 15 minutes would cost $9.00 ($9.90 including GST).

Using the 1800 number is the most common way to join a meeting.

Need help?

No overseas call centres, all staff are in Australia.

What will a meeting cost?

Most of our customers use the 1800 number so that the organiser is paying for everyone’s call costs.


Getting started

Create your conference call account and you could be holding your first meeting within 5 minutes (24/7).

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  • Instant setup

  • Cancel at any time

  • Pay as you go – no contract