The HotAir Conferencing team is based in Australia

Frog in a suit using a mobile phone to join a teleconference

Easy to get started

Create an account online and be meeting within 5 minutes.

To hold a conference call, everyone dials into one of our telephone numbers and enters a PIN, it’s that simple!

Callers on mobile phones can even automate entering their PIN.

I want to pay for my callers’ telephone charges

When you create an account, we’ll send you a list of telephone numbers.

Most callers in Australia dial our 1800 number, this means your callers can join the meeting free (you will be paying their telephone call costs). This is the most popular way of joining a conference call.

We also have telephone numbers in over 42 countries so that your overseas participants can join your conference call without paying the international call charges.

Free recording

Record your conference call at no cost and download the recording minutes later.

It’s great for taking notes or should anybody miss the live conference call.

Mobile phones

Mobile phone users sometimes have difficulty joining conference calls because the PIN is distorted by poor phone line quality.

HotAir is the only conference call company in Australia that helps callers that can’t enter their PIN. This means there is no longer a reason for your mobile participants to not take part in every conference call.

Click on a link to join the meeting – learn how

Sound quality

Using high quality business grade telephone lines (not the internet) is the only way to be sure the sound quality will always be fantastic.

International conference call experts

It’s easy for your international folk to join your meetings with more international numbers than any other Australian conferencing company, and what’s more they are more reliable because we test them constantly!

Telephone numbers in 42 countries

Knowing the conference call is in safe hands the frog can relax

Guaranteed to work every time

HotAir is the only conference call company in Australia with a meeting quality guarantee.

If your meeting does not go ahead or is compromised because of something controlled by us there is no charge for that meeting.

Over 7,500 Happy Clients

How am I charged for a conference call?

Meetings are charged per line per second. The more lines connected or the longer the meeting, the more it will cost.

Refreshingly for a telecommunications company, there are no sneaky hidden charges, no monthly fees, flag falls nor minimums.

There is also no surcharge if paying by credit card.

Our rates.

How do HotAir’s prices compare?

A failed conference call is very expensive if you include the costs of the people involved and how long it might take to get them all back together again.

HotAir’s service is focussed on providing a service with the best sound quality that will always work at a sensible price.

Our pricing is half of Telstra’s but will never compare with services that focus purely on price. For most organisations, using a cheap conferencing service is actually the most expensive choice. That’s why so many of our clients have come to HotAir because they need a service that works every time.

Comparison with other conferencing companies.

Speakerphone used for joining a conference call

What does a typical conference call cost?

If you had five lines calling the 1800 number for a 30 minute conference call, the cost would be:

5 lines x 30 minutes x $0.25 = $37.50 excluding GST. With GST = $41.25

Calls to 1800 numbers are free from landlines and most mobile phones.

We offer cheaper rates out of business hours and to “not for profit” and governmental organisations. Contact us for further information.

Itemised invoices

Invoices show every line in every conference call; the time they connected, the duration of the connection and the cost.

If you have more than one user/meeting facility (conference room), all costs are summarised separately.

Why use HotAir Conferencing?

  • The most reliable conferencing service in Australia – our whole focus is on delivering a service that works first time, every time.
  • All support is in Australia
  • Callers  unable to enter a PIN are assisted by an operator – this is unique to HotAir.


  • We only use high grade telephone lines, not the Internet.
  • Joining a conference call from overseas is easy with more international telephone numbers than any other Australian company.
  • The most reliable international numbers – making international meetings stress free

How do I get started?

Create an account and you will have your conferencing information normally within 2-5 minutes (24/7).

Well dressed tree frog in a dinner suit reclined in front of a telephone

Can I have simultaneous conference calls?

If you have multiple users or require simultaneous conference calls we can help.

Your account can be setup with multiple “conference rooms”, there’s no additional cost and you will more easily be able to track costs against cost centres.